Your Child’s Hypersensitivity, A Precious Gift!

During a recent discussion between mothers we brought up the subject of hypersensitivity. Yes, some children are more sensitive than others, they experience emotions with great intensity. They see, feel, notice and remember a lot. In adolescence, they can go from the most authentic joy to infinite sadness …

These hypersensitive children represent 15 to 20% of the population. Is this character trait often misunderstood or ignored by parents a strength or a weakness?

One of the mothers in the group, finding herself hypersensitive, considered her character trait to be a handicap in her life. When she was little, she was told that she was “on edge”, “too sensitive” or “too shy”. How can you not feel apart when you have been brought up with these beliefs and think that something is wrong with you?

We live in a world where rational intelligence is glorified, quantified by intelligence quotient (IQ) and more valued than emotional quotient. However, the IQ according to Dr. Daniel Goleman, specialist in emotional intelligence (QE) and professor at Harvard, represents at best only 20% of the factors of success in life. He realizes that “those who had better results in exams did not do better than others in terms of salaries, professional status, are neither happier in their private lives, nor more satisfied with their existence”.

What are the character traits that occupy emotional intelligence? Empathy, creativity, imagination, passion for a cause, generosity are some of them. This is good, the hypersensitive are largely provided!

See the hypersensitivity of your children as an asset in their future adult life because later …

– Thanks to their keen sense of their emotions (joy, love, discomfort or pain) they detect what the other feels to motivate, encourage and help them progress

– Because they have a lot of empathy, this intuition will manifest itself in many activities which require benevolence in the professional field as in the private one.

– The hypersensitive are defenders of justice and equity. Their life will be based on honesty and integrity.

– Born leaders! These personalities are dynamic, passionate about their work, they communicate this momentum to those around them!

– The hypersensitive have a lot of creativity. When they have been brought up to accept their particularity, when they have not been forced to fit into a “mold”, they are innovative and see solutions that others do not see.

– These personalities are generous in encouragement, in attention, in listening skills …

So if some parents imagined the hypersensitivity of their child as a handicap … I see in these extraordinary, sensitive and courageous beings, the guarantors of a necessary form of intelligence “in this world of” brutes “!

Stroller With the Perfect Choices

Stroller With the Perfect Choices

The stroller is essential for outings with baby. Whether you are a fan of long walks or an unconditional user of public transport double jogging stroller reviews, there is a model for each lifestyle. Our advice is for choosing without making mistakes.

12 Best Strollers of 2021

Carrycot, hull, four or three wheels

In the jungle of strollers, parents have a hard time finding their way around. But, whatever the model, the priority remains safety. Using the terrain stroller is important here.

What criteria for a stroller?

The stroller is an essential element for walking your child until they are about four years old. In order to make your choice, consider several criteria:

  • the stability of the stroller
  • solidity: it must be strong enough to  withstand repeated handling
  • the weight of the stroller
  • the quality of the fabrics (some unravel)
  • Folding systems (to save space) and fixing. Beware of poor quality plastic clips. 

Better to invest a little more, especially if you plan to use the stroller again for the little siblings to follow. 

3 solutions: stroller, pram and car seat

The pram (frame + pram) is ideal for newborns: it allows your baby to have excellent sleeping conditions while lying on his back;

The car seat (frame + car seat): it allows you to switch easily from the car to the stroller without waking up baby. You can only use it when it finally holds its head on its own and can stay in a semi-seated position in its stroller;

The stroller (frame + hammock): from eight months, the pram can be replaced by  a hammock (seat of the stroller). 

The 3 in 1 stroller

Today, it is no longer compulsory to choose between the pram and the stroller. Many very suitable models combine both or even all three. Indeed, the 3 in 1 stroller allows you to bring together the three solutions in a single object. It has been very successful in recent years, although its price is more expensive. 

Choosing the right stroller | Maxi-Cosi

Nacelle or hull?

The carrycot is perfect for newborns. It is used in the car thanks to a safety kit but it does not replace the car seat. Small flat: the baby is a little cut off from the world and ends up being cramped there. The shell, less bulky, serves as a real car seat. The child stays there without problem until the transition to the hammock. However, it does not offer the same comfort for the back and its use is limited to short trips.

Note: for city dwellers, choose a frame high enough so that baby is not at the same height as the exhaust pipes.

The three-wheel stroller

Besides its modern design, it has excellent suspensions. With better grip, it ensures on all terrains: forest paths or paved streets. Most offer the hull option but not the carrycot. Be careful, this model, often wide, is not very practical for passing through the subway gates or getting on a bus. In addition, the three wheels are often more expensive. 

The four-wheel stroller

The 4-wheel pushchair is practical for the city : it is stable,  narrower and  less heavy than a 3-wheel pushchair. In addition, it can be folded to become less bulky. Be careful, however: it is much less “all terrain”. 

The multiplace stroller (duo or trio)

Do you have twins or close-aged children? A wide choice of models of multi-seat strollers allows you to move around easily. Tip: remember to alternate whoever is in front so as not to create jealousy. When they are old enough to be in a cane stroller (see below), you can opt for a side-by-side cane model.

The cane stroller (second age)

As baby grows, he can stand sitting up when going out and can walk sometimes. From about eight months to four years old, the cane stroller is therefore ideal for transporting it . Lightweight, practical, it folds up in a jiffy and takes up minimal space when folded. It becomes an ideal solution when baby is tired.